Welcome to Cumulosity!

Cumulosity offers web based services to churches, schools and after-school care programs, childcare facilities and clubs. We can help you with a group directory, check-in/check-out process, or billing and payments.

The Cumulosity Group Directory

It can be hard to keep the contact information up to date for a whole church, school or club. And even when you do, how do you make it available to your membership, while maintaining security and privacy? Cumulosity does just that, and encourages members to keep their information current, without making the staff dependent on them to do so. Cumulosity is:

  • The best online group directory
  • The best mobile group directory
  • The best way to manage a printed group directory
Other important features
  • Authorized members can keep their own information current.
  • Members can be listed even if they don't participate online.
  • Includes members, non-members and inactive members.
  • Distributes the load between multiple admins and members.
  • Works great from iPhones, iPads, Androids and tablet devices.
  • Generates a PDF file for printing whenever you need an update.

Cumulosity Is Simple and Secure

Because the tasks and level of access varies between people, Cumulosity makes it simple to manage based on roles. Whether a Pastor, Church Member, Teacher, Administrator, Staff Member or Parent, Cumulosity only shows you what you need to see, and what you have access to.

  • Password Protected
  • Controlled access to secured features